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Stretch run….

Posted by frankpos on February 26, 2008

Four to finish.

All four in the top 25 in the RPI and in most polls for long stretches of
the season.

This is the most challenging–and exhilarating–regular season ending stretch run I can ever remember in Card history. Nothing in the Missouri Valley, Metro, or CUSA ever topped this.

And think about it…this brutal four game gauntlet, then the grind of the
conference tournament, capped by a final grasp for that big, shiny, NCAA ring.

It will either make us, or break us.


It all starts at the Zoo at high noon on Sunday against Pitt. Even with
Pitt reeling a bit lately, the Zoo is a nasty pen to play in.

For those of you interested in what Panther fans are thinking about can tune
in to these blogs:

Apparently Vegas money loves the Cards. In the blog Card Chronicle, this post by drhustle caught my eye: http://www.cardchronicle.com/ : “Las Vegas Sports Consultants has released this week’s version of its Top 30,a poll based on LVSC’s power ratings and certainly one that varies greatlywith the national rankings you see.

We’re #7 in this week’s LVSC poll. We may not get respect from people who make money talking about (#18) or coaching (#23) college basketball…But we are getting respect from the guys make money by actually knowing about college b-ball.

Check it out.” http://www.vegasinsider.com/college-basketball/story.cfm/story/678264.

The Hell in the Hall titled email I sent out after the win over Georgetown inspired reader and long -time (and much, much older) friend, the Big E, to muse back that perhaps this called for a T shirt. So, voila…for our family, friends,and for any other Card fan that wants one: the Hell in the Hall T-shirt (see below).


My nephew Zack, and E’s son, Kevin–both students at U of L–and their friends helped us design the shirt…thank God. (The first designs by E and me really stunk by comparison.) I think the T looks pretty cool now.

We made 36 of them. Twelve of them are already being proudly worn by Card fans from 18 to 58. If you want one, let me know, via email. You can have them for what it cost E and me: $10/each (plus $2.75 for postage and envelope = $12.75, if you want me to mail it to you. Email me at frankpos@gmail.com.) Now that we actually know how to get the T’s made, we can make more if needed.

We wanted to get these T’s ready for this stretch run–and the particularly the last two home games against Notre Dame and Villanova. Remember: the T was inspired by one of the most awe-inspiring sights I’ve ever seen–or heard–as a basketball fan. The ear-splitting fandemonium of the Georgetown White-Out game at the Hall on 2/9/08:

Oh , and also maybe by this locomotive T -Will throw-down that had G-Town’s Donte Green scurrying for cover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-dPw2y7_DQ&NR=1 .

Hey, the Card win streak inspired this Card fan, to, well…Crank that Louisville

The Big E and I have our T’s on. We’re ready to raise some Hell in the Hall during those last two home games.

R U ?


3 Responses to “Stretch run….”

  1. frankpos said

    Hey Jeff!

    Thanks for dropping by.

    T ? Easy– give me your size and address to send it to and i’ll mail you one today–should get it tomorow for the Nova game.

    Big $12.75–our cost for shirt and postage. Send a ck to me Frank Poschinger, 2403 Douglass Blvd, 40205 later.


  2. throwinls said

    How do I get ahold of one of these Hell in the Hall t-shirts?

  3. kylures said

    Will the name Hell in the Hall change to Agony in the Arena when Louisville occupies their new downtown home? Don’t know, but the T-shirt is cool, designed by the wicked with input from the perpetually fashionable. Nice website design by http://www.shoppecharlotte.com.

    The Cards are consistently underrated, except by the money as you point out. When they played Pitt at their arena, and beat them, the ESPN plus crew mentioned the attendance at the Pitt area, and as a sideline mentioned that Louisville had a pretty good attendance at its home games. Quite the understatement! Second in the country in attendance over 50 years is a pretty good record, and deserves a website dedicated to that spirit. ESPN has a few ACC holdovers that need to get their heads out of the sand. The latest top-25 CB players left all Louisville players off the list. Griff and Unseld deserve better press there.

    We finally move into the top 20 in the AP (number 13 today), ahead of ND and UConn. But not in the USAToday poll. Again, lack of some visibility and we are still paying for the early injuried losses. But when we beat the green at the hall (Greenout anyone?), there will be no denying the facts. The Cards will earn their place in this last brutal run to the Big East tourney.

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