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What makes 60 yr old men do handstands?

Posted by frankpos on February 26, 2008

Games like that.

That was one of the most electric crowds and theatre I’ve ever seen at a BBall game in over 40 yrs of attending big games nationwide.

The enormity of the moment with the top ten opponent and a national TV audience… the buzzing anticipation in the full house of white 10 min before tipoff…the white linen suit…the red sparklers on white during the darkened player intros…the roaring comeback and deafening noise from the standing crowd during the second half.

It was the Hell in the Hall of the 80’s.

It was a little bit of special.


What makes 60 yr old men do handstands?

What makes a 70 yr old man jump and scream and flap a referee shirt at bad calls?

What makes a balding 40 yr old guy suddenly leap up and lead a stadium by spelling out a CARDS cheer with his body?

I’ll tell you what.

We can see it and taste it now.

And we want it…bad. Real bad.

We ….those that took that testosterone -fueled rocket ride to the top with Denny –twice– in the 80’s…we still remember.

God yes, we remember.

We somewhat took it for granted then, that the carnival would never end. But it did.

The time gone by has not quenched the thirst for that thrill ride again.

No, no…a hint of the sight and taste of it again makes it come back even stronger.

So yes, all Card fans want a new shiny big champ ring. But, we who lived the dream REALLY, REALLY want it again.

That’s what makes 60 yr old men do handstands.


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