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Sedat: “Thank you” & the Card Fan Hall of Fame

Posted by frankpos on March 4, 2008

Sedat called me soon after I got home from the Villanova game (see Senior day photos below.) He was excited.

He said many, many people came up to him at the game, including Fred Cowgill, and said they had read my interview with him and supported him.

He wanted all Card fans to know that it was a “great gift” for him to see such out-pouring that day, and that it meant so much to him.

I told him that the responses across Card blogs were overwhelmingly in his favor, and many were creative in trying to find compromise solutions. (Over 5000 total views of my comments across all blogs, over 600 readings of the interview, and hundreds of responses.)

I told him the simplest and best one I saw was to simply put a safety net under him (or spotters, or something.)

He laughed (at the idea of such a thing.) But he said: “Yes, of course, a net if that is what they want. I just want do the handstand again. ”

Now, if someone could just find the right U of L official to think this through smartly, and resolve it soon.




Sedat is my Ty Cobb. He is the first to enter my Card Fan Hall of Fame (see sidebar.)

This HOF recognizes those fans who for years have vividly shown their love for the Cards for all of us to see.

They are a key part of the Card “family.” They seem to be always there, and no game would be truly complete without them, and the colorful exclamation points to each game that they provide.

We know them all well — but do we REALLY know them?

I decided to personally interview each of these SuperFans, so that we all would come to know and appreciate them even more.


In no particular order, these are the current Hall of Fame fans:

First inductee: The Handstand Guy aka Sedat.

Next up: The Cheerleader aka Rob Hickerson (soon to be posted.)

Also :

The Boogie Man aka (to be interviewed)

The Referee Shirt Waver aka Stu Grossman (to be interviewed)

The Runner (spelling CARDS) aka (to be interviewed)

These are my current ones. If anyone would like to suggest more–in Freedom Hall or Papa John’s, etc. , please email me with your suggestions.

Yes, we appreciate our big donors–but this is a little different. We’re talking soul here, not pocket book (or tax write-off.)



Finally, a shout-out to my fellow Card bloggers who have given me their support in various ways, and who are shown in the side-bar. We are all here to give different voices to the chorus of the Card faithful.

I must admit I visit Card Chronicle the most, and the Card Game next–but for entirely different reasons. Take a look, and you’ll see and appreciate the different styles and generations at play, between Mike and Charlie. Jeff at Throwin’ L’s looks pretty cool, too, and let me make sure I throw Greg in the mix at Red Reign and Prudat at Cardinal Empire. OK, everyone looks at ITV, too.

See you at the next post.

(Oh, BTW, Cards # 12 with a bullet!)

Go Cards!


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  1. If only more people could read this.

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