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Look What the Wind Blew in…

Posted by frankpos on September 22, 2008


“I feel like a dog that somebody done stuck a needle to and it juiced me up like I’ve been running around a greyhound track chasing one of them bunnies.”

Thomas Brent “Boo” Weekley

Adopted Kentuckian, waxing eloquently about his emotions after the Ryder Cup victory.


Kenny Perry, J. B. Holmes, Boo Weekley, and Hunter Mahan spray the crowd with celebratory champagne as the Cup arrives back in the USA via the Bluegrass.

Kenny Perry, J. B. Holmes, Boo Weekley, and Hunter Mahan spray the crowd with celebratory champagne as the Cup arrives back in the USA via the Bluegrass.

Boo Weekley, Ryder Cup rookie at age 35, soaking it all in  ; - )

Boo Weekley, Ryder Cup rookie at age 35, soaking it all in ; - )


Kenny caps his career in triumph in his home state, helping lead the USA to victory.

Kenny caps his career in triumphal, story-book fashion, in his home state, helping lead the USA to victory, and then embraces his father.


After 54 years in Louisville, I thought I’d seen it all.

!974 tornado, ’94 snow, various and assorted floods.  Hell, even felt an earthquake or two in my day.

But that was all before last week.

Now I’ve seen hurricanes in Kentucky, and seen a grown man “gallop” on his driver down the fairway at Valhalla in the Ryder Cup.


Oh, and I also witnessed another rare event:  the best played and coached game of the Steve Kragthorpe era, with the 4 pt underdog Cards finally protecting their home turf,  and beating the spread by two TD’s against a top 40-50 Kansas State team.

Yes, last week was an eye-opener on a number of fronts.

Sometimes the most brilliant rainbows come out after the worst storms…

As 100 year old trees were snapped by hurricane–ok, tropical -force winds–of 50-70 mph for a solid 4 hours last Sunday, who would have thought that it would end up such a feel-good, sports week?

I sure didn’t as I sat by candle-light that night–and for days after wards (until yesterday at 3p in fact.)

But…it turned out to be one of the most exciting weeks in years.

On the Ryder Cup front, Kentucky players and fans buoyed the USA team to the Cup for the first time in over a decade, made even better by the absolutely perfect weather.

Both Louisville and the state of Kentucky shone bright in the national spotlight–as did its current home-grown star players, Kenny Perry and J. B. Holmes.

Some may not know that Kentucky has long held its own in golf , with Bobby Nichols, Frank Beard, and Gay Brewer as leading players in the 60’s and 70’s, Fuzzy Zoeller in the 80’s and 90’s, and now Perry and Holmes.  Great to see the tradition continue–and get such positive national attention, too.

In football, the Cards continued their improvement, and shockingly,  now appear capable of making some noise because of a pitifully weak Big East.  Amazingly, our D has held its own so far, allowing our O to begin to jell over these last two games.

I like the emergence of some home-town boys as leaders and stars and I really dig the enthusiasm and fire in the D.  If we can continue to improve on the very solid K-State performance, we will actually be in reasonable shape for a decent bowl.  But let’s not get crazy wild yet….

Next up: “Unfair Catch” UCONN .  Larry Taylor–the SOB who got away with that play and then laughed and taunted us–has unfortunately graduated.   We’ll be tested again on the ground by the Huskies–they have a superb RB.

We handled UK’s trio–I think we’ll be up to the challenge.   But let’s face it:  every game’s an adventure this year.

Much as last week was…


One Response to “Look What the Wind Blew in…”

  1. LOL! Awesome quote by Boo. Considering the context, I would venture to say that did not go over well with the English.

    Added insult to injury.

    On the other note, Donald Brown is a bad man for UConn. Leads the BEAST in scoring (60), and rushing yards (716). This will be the first true test for our D-line and new LB core.

    I think they will step up nicely, and Wetterer and Bussey should be back too for the game, with Long a possibility as well.

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