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High Noon At Nova

Posted by frankpos on January 10, 2009

Now, we find out just how good this team is.

Eight days and three  top 20 opponents, including the #1 team in the country.

High noon at #18 Nova today starts the run through the gauntlet.

It’s been over  a decade (1997), since we’ve gotten lucky enough as fans to eyeball  such a string of quality opponents.  We lost all three in ’97…we need to do a tad better this time around.

Two of these games will be at home, with #13 Notre Dame visiting Monday, and then next Saturday, #1 Pitt rumbles into the Hall.

A true top 10 team would  win two of those three games…

The tone for these next three games may be set today.  A win in the always tough Nova gym and the Cards sail home on a high.

If you want to see the stat comparison between the teams, ck out Mike’s Card Chronicle: http://www.cardchronicle.com/

Here’s my summary:  If we hold our own on the boards, and shut down their 3’s, we’ll put ourselves in good shape to win–as long as we shoot better than 40% ourselves.

Regardless, these next 8 days will be a fun ride for the fans, and the ultimate litmus test of this team’s potential.

I’m just hoping that when the ride stops, we’ll all still be smiling.


2 Responses to “High Noon At Nova”

  1. frankpos said

    Yes, shaky. But in a wrestling match on a wild court we had never won on in 5 yrs. So I’ll take some luck.

    But yes, we need to learn to end games–and the erratic shooting from the outside still plagues us.

    If we get by Notre Dame but lose to the #1 team in the land–it would mean we had beaten two favored teams ranked in the top 20 out of 3. I would take that too at this still early point in our development, particularly if we lose by just a few to Pitt.

    But I’m putting on the blinders–let’s beat ’em both in teh Hall!

  2. kylures said

    Looks pretty shakey to me. 3 for 25 from 3-pt land, outrebounded, terrible shot percentage, lost the second half, choked away a lead. If the Wildcats could shoot freethrows, we would have lost. We have to learn to shoot on the road. We may squeek past Notre Dame if we shoot better at home, but not Pitt. Too many issues.

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