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Posted by frankpos on March 15, 2009


There is no doubt now–if there ever was.

Regular season champs and now the tourney title.

WE are the best team in the Big East — not UConn, not Pitt, and certainly not media darling Syracuse.

WE deserve a #1 seed in the Big Dance — the OVERALL #1 seed!   WE just won the biggest, baddest conference of all -time, in every way possible.  No other potential # 1– except Memphis from mid-major,  weakling  Conference USA– won its regular season and tourney titles.

Not North Carolina, not Michigan St–or Pitt or UConn.

Just US.

BEast Syracuse Louisville Basketball


Will we get that overall #1 seed?  Will we leapfrog everyone to #1 in the AP poll, too?

Probably a big NO on both counts, because of the national media bias.

BEAST Louisville Syracuse Basketball


But… it doesn’t matter.

Card Fans:  Savor this moment.  Sip it slowly, like your best bourbon, and let it warm you well  inside.

This led to...

This mad scramble rebound and outlet pass from TWill led to...


I have watched Louisville basketball for over 40 years, and this is  truly, truly  one of the  landmark victories  in U of L history.

....this virtual game ending breakaway jam by Earl.

.... to this virtual game ending breakaway jam by Earl.


And, this is one very special team.


(Video of the team celebrating in the Big Apple:  http://palestra.net/videos/play/22418)

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7 Responses to “BIG EAST CHAMPS – PERIOD!”

  1. frankpos said

    Roz: Stop reading my mind! Tix in hand for Indy; I’ll scalp for Dayton–3-4 hrs away.

    Charlie: As always, thanks for your support– your Ohio football soul understands the passion native born Kentuckians of my generation have for basketball.

    Twisted: You know the fire– you can’t sleep, you can’t think, you can’t wait for the Game! Prudat invited Jerb and I to take in the Providence game on his 102″ HD screen. It was a great evening…but somehow I felt undersized…(with my new 61″ incher)
    ; – )

    KyLures: You and I have been seared with the brilliance of the best of Card BBall in the 70’s and 80’s…it is the both the blessing and curse of Card fans of our generation: Once you have experienced and felt such glory, nothing is quite right until you feel it again….

  2. Roz said

    After the game when I saw Andre standing along side Jerry, it suddenly hit me…The obvious always more obscure than the subtle. I looked at these guys and suddenly I thought, “Coaches…these guys are gonna be a couple of coaches someday.” And suddenly I believe that to be true.

    Congratulations to Hell In The Hall. Steadfast. Loyal. True.

    How far away is Dayton…about three hours? Will you be going on Friday/Sunday (the promise of a nice dinner out and a current/new release movie on Saturday could do much for domestic tranquility)?

    I think you’re going. Oh yeah, you’re going.


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