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Sweet ! Now, Some Indy Road -Tripping to the Final Four

Posted by frankpos on March 23, 2009

T Will to the rescue.  24 pts, 15 boards...and the will to win.

T Will to the rescue. 24 pts, 15 boards...and the will to win. (Photo : Sam4Gtr)


OK,  we get it.

You want to be loose, you want to have fun.

Dance a little, even grab a photog’s camera in the first half to goof around some.

But, with just over 7 minutes to go,  the smiles had been long wiped away, and a wide-eyed, deer -in- the -headlights look of panic was plastered on the faces of T Will and  the other  Card players as they huddled, suddenly down four points and with no answers to a determined Siena push for an upset.

E5 contributed his usual 12/12/5 --5 TO's.

E5 contributed his usual 12/12/5 --5 TO's. (Photo: Sam4Gtr)

Every game has its turning point…and everyone knew this was it.  Both teams had played well.   U of L had controlled the game…but Siena suddenly had the momentum and the lead.

This was the third timeout Pitino had called to stem the Siena run.  He could see and sense the panic this time.

He had already tried reassurance, and a bunch of x’ and o’s.  Now, he had just one question to his team as they left the huddle:  Are you the #1 in the country?  When they all affirmed that they were, his simple response was to flip his chart to show  his final message– PROVE IT !

And that they did, as T Will single-handedly ignited a 9-0 Card run to clinch a spot in the Sweet Sixteen in Indy.

Our Bigs were the key this game –besides T Will’s monster game of 24 pts, and 15 boards, Earl Clark and Samardo Samuels each contributed a solid combo of pts and bounds.

Very surprisingly, our pressure had a near  zero effect on Siena.  Their small 5’9″ point guard, Ronald Moore, had 10 assists to only 2 TO’s.   Siena as a team had only 9 TO’s.

In fact, it was Siena’s pressure ironically that nearly doomed the Cards, turning the Cards over 11 times in the second half, and literally almost stealing a game.

But…all is indeed right with the world, and now it’s on to Indy, the site of our first Championship in 1980.

For those going to the game or looking for tix, here’s an interesting animated view from the seats at Lucas Oil stadium in Indy:



Sam4gtr is a great  photographer with the school paper, is a member of the Card Chronicle like myself, and has allowed us to view his photos:



Si--enna no evil?  Coach sacrified a few yrs of life with this game...

Si--ena no evil? Coach sacrificed a few yrs of life with this game...(Photo: Sam4Gtr)


Here are some video highlights of the game, courtesy of Jerb:

BTW,  how are all of the Conferences faring so far?

Well, let’s have a look…

Conference Teams W-L Sweet 16
Big East 7 11-2 5
Big Ten 7 6-5 2
ACC 7 5-5 2
Big 12 6 9-3 3
Pac-10 6 6-5 1
Atlantic 10 3 3-2 1
SEC 3 1-3 0
Horizon 2 1-2 0
Mountain West 2 0-2 0

Since you have eyes, you will note that the Big East made history again, by sending 5 teams to the Sweet 16.

Ummm, where is the SEC?

And for those that want a quick visual on the Sweet 16 bracket:

Thursday March 26, 2009
West – University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ East – TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, MA (Boston Garden)
(5) Purdue vs. (1) U Conn
7:07 PM (4) Xavier vs. (1) Pittsburgh
7:27 PM
(3) Missouri vs. (2) Memphis
9:37 PM (3) Villanova vs. (2) Duke
9:57 PM
Friday March 27, 2008
Midwest – Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN South – FedExForum, Memphis, TN
(12) Arizona vs. (1)Louisville
7:07 PM (3) Syracuse vs. (2) Oklahoma 7:27 PM
(3) Kansas vs. (2) Michigan St 9:37 PM (4) Gonzaga vs. (1) North Carolina
9:57 PM


One Response to “Sweet ! Now, Some Indy Road -Tripping to the Final Four”

  1. Anonymous said

    The picture of Pitino, head in hands, with the dude on the bench supremely downcast, is great. Siena didn’t beat us at our own game (hectoring defense, pressure on pressure, full court assault), but I think they at least “tied” us at our own game.
    It was only our inside power, which I believe we could employ at will (but curiously underused)that saved us. Samardo was stout (and three for four on dunks!). Jennings quick and easy. Mr Williams, not only transcendent, but incandescent.

    Looks like I’ll have to watch most of Friday’s game on the computer as the local affinity outfit for Binghamton, NY, will surely show the Syracuse-OK game, which, honestly, I would like to see as well. For some reason, that is one of the few games in the eight that, for me at least, has some anticipated “spark.”

    I think we’re gonna take Arizona apart.
    Let’s build some future memories.

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