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How Bad Do YOU Want It ?

Posted by frankpos on March 26, 2009

23 years.

It’s now been 23 years since our last national title, with Never Nervous, Milt, Billy T and the guys.


This second time at the mountain top  was final indication for both Denny and U of L at the time on the national scene.  The Cards and Bobby Knight’s IU dominated the college basketball landscape, and had for a solid decade, since Wooden retired.

23 years.

I’m ready.  God, I’m ready.

OK, I’ll say it:  I want one more before I die.

Jesus, I never thought I would have to say that…

In 1986, I was 32 and quite smug about many things in life, particularly the supremacy of the Cards after two titles in six years.

I, and many other then-young Baby Boomer Card fans that began to pack Freedom Hall,  thought the Final Four and  Title carousel would never end.

No Card fan back then  would have had any inkling that this was already the end of the ride…and it would be nearly two decades until our next Final Four under Rick Pitino.

So yes, I’m ready.  So are all those other fans whose passions were torched by the fire of the 80’s teams.

The Super Fans of the Cards…those in my Card Hall of Fame.  What is the common thread that runs through all of them?  Their spark all started with the first championship in 1980.  They have all been inspired to do their shtick since then –for over two decades !

Card fans under 40, I warn you:  This is what national NCAA basketball titles will do to you, particularly if you are from Louisville, which is a subset of basketball- crazed Kentucky.

How bad do you want it?!

Griff, I love you, man...but it's time for new heroes.

Griff, I love you, man...but it's time for new heroes.

We all ask the team that…ask yourself that.  How bad do YOU want it?

Are you ready to swarm Indy, yell like hell and help turn a cavernous football stadium into a huge Card home field advantage?

I wear a suit by day, but I yell at night.  I assure you I will be hoarse late Friday .

I want another  title BAD.   For my selfish old(er) self for sure… and also for my son and younger Card fans to finally, FINALLY experience and understand what us older fans have been raving about all these years.

So yes,  we are  all ready for another title after 23 years.

Once you have experienced and felt such glory, nothing is quite right until you feel it again.

It would be so fine to find that place once more…

(Thanks Roz, for that ending.)


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