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Coach Kragthorpe Gunning for Another All-Time Record Today

Posted by frankpos on October 10, 2009

Coach Steve Kragthorpe is gunning for another one for the record books today.

Never before has any U of L coach lost more than 8 consecutive games to FBS teams.

Coach Kragthorpe is now tied with Ron Cooper’s ghost for 8 in a row.

Cooper’s 8-game losing stretch started with a loss to Penn State and ended with a season-ending come-from-ahead loss to Memphis, all in 1997. Tom Jurich fired Cooper after his season-ending loss to Memphis, a game ending his final season with a record of 1-10– that  lonely win coming against Illinois

In Cooper’s final slide, his team was outscored in those 8 games 328-174, averaging a loss of 41-22.

In Kragthorpe’s current streak tying that mark:   his 2008 and 2009 teams have lost 8 FBS games consecutively by the cumulative score of 291-134, for an average score of 36-17

Cooper’s Louisville Career-ending Streak (all in 1997):

L Penn State 21-57
L @ Oklahoma 14-35
L @ Southern Miss 24-42
L Tulane 33-64
L Houston 22-36
L East Carolina 31-45
L @ Cincinnati 9-28
L @ Memphis 20-21

Kragthorpe’s current Cooper-tied Streak (2008 and 2009):

L @ Syracuse 21-28
L @ Pittsburgh 7-41
L Cincinnati 20-28
L West Virginia 21-35
L @ Rutgers 14-63
L @ Kentucky 27-31
L @ Utah 14-30
L Pittsburgh 10-35
? Southern Miss XX-XX

I don’t know about you, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed…


In totally unrelated news, here is the consensus of all those wild rumors from the roaring fire of multiple normally highly reliable  “sources” throughout Card Land.  I want to note that these rumors have all  now been totally dismissed by U of  L and should consequently be totally ignored by all intelligent fans–in fact DON”T  READ THIS–I”M WARNING YOU !

1)  Coach Kragthorpe will not be retained after this season
2) The search is on for candidates to replace K.
3) Jon Gruden and Tommy Tuberville….as well as several other good candidates… may well be in the mix
4) Jurich will announce the change when he is ready—and only then.
5) U of L will not fire K in mid-season, but K has the option to resign.
6) K will most likely finish out the season—barring pitchforks at his door.
In more unrelated news:
Here’s a comment from Tommy Tuberville when he was asked about those totally bogus rumors concerning him and U of L:


[Comment From Sullivan Carew]
Hey Coach- Can you clear up these L’Ville rumors?


Tuberville: ” Well, that’s all they are is rumors right now. I do hope to get back in coaching but I don’t wish anyone any ill will in terms of losing games. Things will start happening in another month — this is still too early.”


Well–what more can be said!  Anyone with eyes and a brain can tell now that these rumors have now been thoroughly debunked by everyone.

So, now that we’ve cleared that up, go drink heartily as I plan to do and >>>>>>> GO CARDS!!!


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