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The Halloween Game…

Posted by frankpos on October 30, 2009

It Has Come To This

Third string, walk-on Freshman QB starting at home in the pouring rain against a crappy, non-BCS opponent, our last reasonable chance at a win this season, on Halloween afternoon in front of the smallest crowd at PJCS possibly ever.

CardsFan922 in the Card Chronicle


In one sentence, CardsFan  succinctly described the perfect storm of the absurd that is about to descend on Papa John’s stadium tomorrow.

Add in the fact that:

most  people will be wearing Halloween costumes,

many will be wearing bags on their heads,

we are barely a  2  1/2 pt favorite at home over a middling team in a not even mid-level conference–  and

we could easily lose to this team…

which would insure that there is no way we would have a winning record this season AGAIN

for our lame duck  Kaptain,  who has been strangely wise-cracking and merry lately in the teeth of the storm.

Well…. I say the fixings are there for something weird and wonderful to happen, particularly if we lose.

What COULD credibly be said at the post-game presser by K, if we lose?  More banality or wise-cracks?  Even the same banality at this point would be ludicrous.

It will make for great theater.  Press credentials in hand, I plan to be there…


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