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THE White-Out Game…

Posted by frankpos on January 10, 2010

As we dig through our closets for something to wear to White-Out #6 Villanova…. perhaps it’s worthwhile to remember THIS :

White Out 2008 for  Georgetown.

White Out 2008  Georgetown



2 Responses to “THE White-Out Game…”

  1. frankpos said

    Roz, yes, simpler times. I’ve never been fortunate enough to see a World Series game in person. And to have been in the epic center of Mantle and Mays as a young boy growing up…well, one of my first memories of sports was listening to the 1960 Mantle-Maris home run duel on the radio thru the daily update.

    I too worry about Freedom Hall and the change to a more corporate clientele and the new “ambiance”…


  2. Roz said

    Yes, of course we remember…didn’t Pitino come out darker clad for the second half?

    The shot made me feel sad that Freedom Hall will soon not be the home of the Cardinals. It will be hard to replicated the
    ambience at the new place downtown. I sincerely hope you can stake claim to seats that are approximately in your current location.

    Yankee fans back east are up in arms. The “sensitive” management types have priced-out folks who have had season tickets for decades; others have been shipped out to far environs like the upper deck in left field. The good seats are now almost by definition “corporate,” and I am starting to “hear,” for the first time in my life, the crys of the “have nots” concerning owner arrogance. It’s a shame that maybe a young Dad, a guy who works for a living, can no longer afford to
    take his son to a Saturday afternoon game.

    I saw my one and only World Series game on October 6, 1958. The night before, my father cornered me outside of my mother’s earshot and said, “Dick, you’re not going to school tomorrow…I’ll write a note to Sister Delores that we had to go to New York City on business.”
    Well, the next day came up sunny and cold. I remember us having to scrape the windshield but by the time we were about 50 miles north of the Bronx, you could tell it was gonna be a great day.
    The Yanks were trailing the Milwaukee Braves, three games to one, and things looked grim. Mantle came out of the dugout with one of those Steve Martin Type arrows that looks like it goes right through the skull, so I guess he wasn’t too worried. In the green grass of the outfield during batting practice, Whitey Ford posed in the “under center” QB position, drifted back, and threw “passes” to his “receiver,” Moose Skowron.

    And get this, Frank. From the period from 1949 through 1964 the World Series was NOT played in New York just one time. In two of the seasons, 1951 and 1954, the NY GIANTS (with Mays) were in it. In 1959, the year there was no Fall Ball in NY, the Dodgers, who had moved from Brooklyn in ’57, DID make it and beat the White Sox in six. All the other years the Yankees won the pennant.

    Anyway, we didn’t have seats when we arrived that frosty morning. I guess people were pretty blase. We headed straight to the ticket booth where we were lucky enough to secure bleacher seats in right center field.

    We had to pay TWICE what the seats cost during the regular season.

    We had to pay $1.50 per ticket.

    I’m not kidding. A bucket fifty. It almost makes me cry…not because of the price, but because of the passage of time, and the lost innocence. This was two Yankee Stadiums ago…THIS one was reburbished in ’76 and the new new new one will be ready for opening day this year.

    Anyway, Bullet Bob Turley (21-7 that year and Cy Young Winner) beat the Braves 7-0. Yanks came back from the 3-1 deficit to win the Series.

    Before I left for school the next day my father handed me the note to take to school. Didn’t want Sister Delores to think I had played hooky. Couldn’t tell her the whole truth…I think she was a Brooklyn fan.

    Have a great weekend.
    Don’t get arrested on Sunday.

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