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Dedicated to the joyful noise of the Card faithful

Powell Pops 1000, as Cards Blank UConn 26-0

Posted by frankpos on October 24, 2010

The excitement is back !

Courtesy of Mr. Charlie Stong–

and one of the best top-to-bottom coaching staffs I have seen in Louisville football–and I go all the way back to the Lee Corso years in the early 70’s.

Yes– the excitement…the pure joy…is back.

You can sense it in the pre-game goodwill and anticipation of the crowd, 

You can hear it rippling in the conversations of the crowd

You can see it in the players jumping up and down, almost all game long, waving their arms, urging on their teammates and the crowd

(In fact a jumbotron shot of the players jumping and waving  with huge smiles on their faces , frenzied the fans into roars of delight.)

You can see it in the 10 minute Wave the crowd did in the 4th qtr–again the first Wave seen in 4 yrs.

And, most importantly, you can see it on the product on the field, as Bilal Powell topped the 1000 yd mark in only the 7th game, and the Cards recorded their  second shut-out of this season–and second again in 4 yrs.

Finally…you see it that raw , merciless bottom line stat :  4 wins and 3 losses.

R U thrilled ?  I sure as hell am, and you should be too…  4-3 at this stage well exceeds all pre-season expectations for this team.

We are actually within close range of going Bowling–which is astounding to me.

Ya know….with the confidence and skill this team is now showing

I say… with true excitement

Bring it on!


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