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First Game’s in The Bucket: Cards 83 N KY 66

Posted by frankpos on October 31, 2010

Hell in the Hall’s main photog, Matt Wickham, captured the first game at Freedom Ha…umm, yum, yeah–The Bucket.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/kylures/sets/72157625435228544/detail/**********************************************************

Some ramblings….

The place is BIG …but is not as stretched out as Freedom Hall.  Kinda like somebody hugged it tightly… and also made it squeeze upward a bit…

I’ve seen A LOT of big time arenas…this instantly FEELS like an NCAA tourney site, which was echoed by Pitino in his post game presser…

When I asked Kenny Klein which arena it most resembled –of the many they visited –he said Charlotte–where we played Carolina in the Elite 8 a few years back (as I only too well remember, since I was there…)  And I agree– it DOES look like that arena a lot.

When I asked the committee chairman, Jim Host –and the main man to thank for getting this arena pushed through in such incredibly hard economic times (still a semi-miracle to this Finance guy)– Jim differed with Kenny slightly. He thought it a mix of Charlotte and Conseco:  “The front lobby and concourses are  like Conseco…the general seating and the video screen is like Charlotte.  But… this arena is absolutely unique in that no one has the luxury suites or the incredible views of something like the Ohio River like we do.”

Dieng is dang good

Pitino raved about this young man's potential...and this old 6'3" center can still see why...


The Cards will have an up-and-down season.  Sorry–not enough talent.  (Ahem…recruiting.  Still not  fixed IMO, Coach …)

That last bit of  3rd level seating at the very top IS steep , like Rupp or Fed Ex.  BUT…there’s only a little bit of it compared to those other arenas. Really.

If anybody got gyped, it was the luxury suites with views from where the top row of  Freedom Hall would be.   But… those people don’t really watch the game…ya know.  So big deal.  ( I certainly know from too many first hand experiences in  “luxury suites”–sterile as hell, with people who know little –and care less– about the game frankly… and whose digs certainly don’t look as nice as my TV / pool  room…sheesh)

Pitino is over 55.  (Me too. )  Few coaches have  ever won an NCAA championship after that age– except Jim Calhoun (2), Jim Boeheim (1) and John Wooden(10!)–and Calhoun is now under investigation and Wooden…that is all now tainted by all the revelations from Bill Walton , etc. that tycoon Sam Gilbert bankrolled most of Wooden’s championship teams…why Wooden gets a pass I’ll never know…

Just sayin’…

All in all…The Bucket is a very worthy successor to Freedom Hall –which I loved.

First half action…in The Bucket..literally.  3 ball…King Kyle…

Short video of some nice second half action:

Post game presser snippet…


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