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Say “Top 20” : U of L 77- UNLV 69

Posted by frankpos on December 12, 2010

Reserve Chris Smith exploded for a career night--17 pts, 6 bounds, and 2 assists--to garner the most minutes played (32) and the MVP honors for the Billy Minardi Classic.


I’m officially kinda excited…

Let me tell you– UNLV is the real deal.  Legit Top 20. Very well balanced and well coached. A bit on the small side, but legit.

So … if UNLV is Top 20….what does that make us?

Preston Knowles shot nothing but 0's in the first half--then scorched UNLV in the second half with 20 pts.


I tell you what it makes me at least…   Sweet Sixteen excited…like in DeJuan Wheat-1996 — which was reached the last time Louisville started the season with better than 7 W’s in a row.

The Cards won on a night when its starters couldn’t hit a lick in the first half.  When Mike Marra continued his nightmare from last game , with an  0 -fer 8…and Peyton Siva and Preston Knowles added 4 more 0-fers –  a total of 13-o-fers from from starters including Rakeem Buckles… against a legit, well balanced top 20 team, who showed it, while fully controlling the Cards in the first half.

It’s amazing we weren’t down by more than 5 at the half…

"King Kyle" Kuric somehow wandered out of a horrible season and a concussion to re-appear, Lazurus-like, and pour in 5 of 8 3-balls to help lead us throughout the game.


But…. let me tell you

THIS is the “special sauce” for this year’s team:

THIS  is a TEAM.  We find a way to win.  With a true team effort ,  by a  bunch of good, young, unselfish players–and lots of unselfish passing.  No-stars…no  egos…..

George Goode came in and had a great first half when all TJ could do was goose-eggs. (TJ finally came alive the second half.)


How did we do it this game–with a very sound UNLV team seemingly in control?

We hang in the game with unexpected performances by reserves (Smith, Kuric, and Goode) in the first half,…and then flip a 9 pt deficit in the second half into a very controlled 8 pt win, with a resurgence of some starters (Knowles and Jennings),  combined with continued career nights from some of those reserves.

This is a TEAM....


It’s truly  fun to watch…and it excites me  to think of the upside potential of this team this year

AND,  particularly next year coupled with the new top 5 class coming in.

As for this year… on comes Drexel and then Gardner-Webb–again, all  at The Bucket.

Where we are still undefeated….8-0.  And frankly…as was proven today–and previously at the  women’s sell-out games against UT and UK…. Opponents  get rattled big-time in the deafening din of  The  Bucket.

Ohh….And as far as that  special New Year’s Eve date with Big Blue….

Bring.     Them.     On.


Ck out 100+ pics of the game taken by Matt Wickham, the main photog for Hell in the Hall, http://www.flickr.com/photos/kylures/sets/72157625452470239/

Reserves Chris Smith and George Goode--gloriously--have their day in the sun.


Gratuitous LadyBird video…


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