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Evil Triumphs Over Good: UK 78- U of L 63

Posted by frankpos on January 1, 2011

Well, that sUcKed.

Coach Pitino noted in the post-game presser , that UK was better in 4-5 of the 5 positions.

He thought we may have the edge at the 5 spot with UK’s relatively “weak” Harrleson…but the TJ will not adher to simple fundamentals like Harrleson concentrates on, such as 1) staying mostly around the basket looking to rebound, and 2) effort to grab offensive rebounds, and 3) blocking out.

TJ–At Jr.  year—with his potential. Who the hell is schooling our big men? They screwed up on Samardo … WTH

Also, coach— if they are better at 4-5 of the starting 5—-then Rick, thank god you saved the Blackshear class after the Teague fiasco, and thank god you’ve hired a new young guy who can translate your old school to the current generation….you will need that for these last 5-10 yrs of your career.

Observations of pending disaster in this game: We wasted the first 10 minutes jacking up shots—got lucky in the first few minutes on pure emotion and steals and got the early lead— but needed that extra 6-8 pts in the first 10 min to at least get an edge against a UK team that has the same quickness but are taller—and  are just more talented….recruiting

Siva was Sosa-like out of control game long…never got the team in sync…wasn’t sure why Justice was used for only 3 min…he often is better in the half-court O than Siva

Preston was bad first, great second half. It would have been even more ugly without him going off in the second.

Without Dieng (ankle) and Buckles we definitely had no chance on the boards—and it showed.

We just let a bigger better team out fight us for position on both O and D…. was frustrating and sobering to watch—but certainly not unexpected in pre-season…still depresssing

Also—suddenly J- Bone was back in place of J- Dub….not good

I’ve never been sold on scheduling such a large number of cupcakes early in the season.  I was raised on a steady diet of Denny Crum gristle in the early part of the year.  We  lost often.  It made us drink lots of bourbon.  But…It made us humble and  tougher later on….

On the plus side:

When we closed it to 10 in the second half, Scooter McCray gave a cool impassioned plea to the crowd to “bring the pain” and get a lot louder in the last 12 minutes .

There were two big screen Denny sightings and two Charlie sightings

The actually showed Rob Hickerson—the Cheerleader— on the big screen doing the Cards cheer….once…

that’s all the good I got…


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