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A Thundering Turd …. Marshall 17 – Cards 13

Posted by frankpos on October 1, 2011

A room can get real quiet–and edgy –real quick

when a large, powerful man–  his face contorted with anger and disgust–strides quickly into the room and YELLS that he IS EMBARRASSED,  small sprays of spittle peppering the first row of press in the rushing torrent of his words and emotion.

Thank god I was in row two.

QB Teddy Bridgewater dives for the end zone in what was the highlight of an off game by the Cards.


And  the video 


As the press near him shifted a bit uncomfortably in their seats, Charlie Strong spoke as loudly and forcefully as I have ever heard him.  It caught us all a bit off guard, even given the  upset by the 11 pt underdog Herd.

To his credit he called out both the coaches and the players–because truly the coaches failed to motivate the players past the fleeting glory of last week’s rival victory over a truly pitiful UK team.  And the Cards just aren’t good enough to give less than their all to win ANY game.

(BTW-  Sam Hunter took pics for Hell in the Hall,  and here is the link to his full set of over 200 pics of the game .http://www.flickr.com/photos/fpos/sets/72157627796016450/detail/      )

Here's our other highlight: Vic Anderson scampers in for a TD.


Be sure of this: Marshall is not a good football team.  It was 1-3 coming into this game for a reason.  It ranked abysmally low nationally  in both offensive and defensive categories.

But also be sure of this:  Marshall was better than the Cards today. The Herd manhandled us in the second half 11-0.

It was disquietingly like the FIU loss.  Just plain beaten soundly AT HOME by  supposedly lesser opponents, definitely ones that Vegas sharpies saw us winning.

Don't worry...The Ladybirds are here to cheer you up--again...


In this game, Louisville really only “won” one quarter–the second.  Marshall won the others statistically.

You can talk about stats, but frankly the whole team stunk.

Now, it must be said:  I lived in the Huntington, WV area for several years and I can tell you they take their football VERY seriously–as the movie on that tragic plane crash of their football team in the past attests to .


And I can tell you Marshall had beaten us the last 3 times we have played–and that they fully expected to beat us today– or at least give us a game.  That I knew.

And I also knew it was a natural “trap” game– one where the Cards were coming off an emotional victory over a rival and likely to take a lightly -regarded, but gritty, proud foe lightly.  In fact, I can personally assure you that this  foe looked upon us as a bit of a  rival!  While we did not view them as such….


I knew all that…but I thought we’d win …at least.

But that tells you what I–and Charlie– know during this “roller-coaster” season.


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    A Thundering Turd …. Marshall 17 – Cards 13 « Hell in the Hall – Louisville Sports Blog

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    A Thundering Turd …. Marshall 17 – Cards 13 « Hell in the Hall – Louisville Sports Blog

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