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I Hate Mem-piss St. …….

Posted by frankpos on December 17, 2011

Ahh, yes. Memphis State's Fred Horton got a bit carried away in 1971, and decided to swing a chair wildly in Freedom Hall as he was ejected-- and restrained. I was at that game--one of the few times I thought a riot was going to break out. (Pic courtesy of Art Carmody's Tee at Card Chronicle).

Elliot "Goggles" Perry was a royal pain the the ass for a few years, but LaBradford Smith and company generally got the best of him . (Pic courtesy of research by the Card Chronicle)

"The man who would not graduate" Keith Lee...and hated Memphis St. coach Dana Kirk (former Crum assistant!).  Keith Lee stayed for approx. 18 yrs at Mem-piss and irritated us the whole damn time.  Meanwhile, Kirk enjoyed taunting his former boss and U of L fans.

"The man who would not graduate" Keith Lee...and hated Memphis St. coach Dana Kirk (former Crum assistant!). Keith Lee stayed for approx. 18 yrs at Mem-piss and irritated us the whole damn time. Meanwhile, Kirk enjoyed taunting his former boss and U of L fans

"Card Killer" Larry Finch (shown here against UCLA) even came back in a second life as the Tigers coach to pester us more-- but not as much as when he played against us, thank god!

Mem-piss also had a player named Baskerville Holmes ...nuff said. As cbcard said in the Card Chronicle, you might be too young ....You don’t remember the coins thrown at our bench. You don’t remember Denny getting hit.You don’t remember the switchblade (open!) that landed and stuck into the floor near the bench.You don’t remember Fred Horton.You don’t remember the MVC playoff game in Nashville (winner gets NCAA, loser gets to go home) where all the tickets were general admission so everyone got there an hour and a half before game time. Memphis people sat on one side, we sat on the other and hollered at eachother the entire hour and a half before the tip. Everyone was hoarse before the game started.You don’t remember the Memphis guard in ’86 missing the front end with a one point lead and five seconds to go and Milt driving it down court and getting fouled with one second left. One and one. Swish. Swish. Goodbye Memphis.We hate Memphis State. Always have, still do, always will!




3 Responses to “I Hate Mem-piss St. …….”

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  2. Swamp Daddy said

    I have to agree the 2005 CUSA tourney final was a high point in my hate Memphis State years. Here’s a low point (but sorta funny now) in the start of this hated rivalry. I’ve put this on several other boards but not here.

    It was 1969, Lee Corso’s first year as UL football coach. Memphis State was a powerhouse back then and was expecting a bowl bid. With about 1/4 of the bowls we have now back then a bowl bid was much harder to get. MState got snubbed by all the bowls and they were highly pissed. Bowl bids were handed out with 2 (3 for some) games left in the season and UL went to Memphis State that weekend.

    Memphis State piled it on at every opportunity running up the score so the bowl officials would know what a big mistake they made in not giving Memphis a bid. Some time late in the 4th quarter, Coach Corso ran out on to the field to “throw the towel in” which he did by tossing a white towel on the field.

    I don’t recall if that got us a penalty or not; but, it didn’t matter as Memphis State went on to score a few more times even calling a timeout with less than 10 seconds left (from memory here) to score one last time. They stomped us by 69-19.

    We got revenge in basketball stomping them in the ground. The start of a long and bitter rivalry.

    Swamp Daddy

  3. Ry said

    Great post. I will add the game at Memphis 82 where Rodney McCray was fouled with no time left and a chance to win the game. You could see, even back in the days of low def TV, him getting pelted with ice at the foul line and paper cups being thrown on to the floor. I can’t imagine the things that were shouted at him.
    My parents once went to a game at Memphis in the 80s with a couple of harmless signs, like “Go Cards”. When they left to go to the bathroom at halftime, they came back to find them torn to shreds.
    Anyone who thinks this rivalry begins with Calapari is sadly unaware of the bad blood between these two schools. I remember well all the things you wrote about and there was no one more despised in the Ville than Dana Kirk. The animosity toward Calapari doesn’t really compare in my opinion. (And Calapari is one of my least favorite human beings on the planet.)
    A few more names to add, Phillip “Doom” Haynes, William Bedford, Andre Turner and, one of my least favorites, Todd Mundt.

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