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What a Christ-mess! Louisville 70 WKU 60

Posted by frankpos on December 23, 2011

Geez, where to start?

Do you begin with the most disjointed offensive performance in a while, resulting in a 13 point first half deficit, and an 8 point second half one–against a 25 point underdog?

Or, do you go with Siva’s obvious ongoing ankle issues, that spun out another subpar game and 6 ugly turnovers?

Perhaps you just go with the topper in this god-awful mess of a game:   Rak Buckles pulling his groin,  that likely sidelines him for weeks, if not the season…

Coach Pitino certainly had few words to bless this mess.  He shouted down the first relative softball of a question with a pointed  “None of your damn business,”  and it didn’t get much more press-friendly from there.

Pitino —and all Card  fans with eyes— could see this was not the right tune-up for a tough Big East opener against Georgetown…much less a little New Year’s Eve tilt coming up.

Silver linings?  We won.  That’s about it.

Ok, yeah, the Cards indeed showed grit again, with yet another comeback.  And, we are 12-0 this season–one of only 6  teams remaining, who have somehow avoided any blemish .  Heck, the Yum Center  is playing even better– it’s now 20-0 in its last 20 home games.  And we are ranked 4th in the country.

None of this is bad.  But none of this feels totally good, for some reason.  Maybe for reasons like tonight…when your eyes just can’t lie…

More later, perhaps. Or not.


2 Responses to “What a Christ-mess! Louisville 70 WKU 60”

  1. frankpos said

    Yes, Anon., we at least hit our free throws–above our season avg even. So that was a plus, in addition to Gorgui doing yeoman’s work on the boards. Siva told Rick Bozich last wk that his ankle was still sore– and it seems apparent that he is a step slower on his acceleration , and his spin moves are not there now.

    Hopefully, we–and Buckles groin–somehow magically heal for the holidays.

  2. Anonymous said

    I agree, Frank, that was ugly. In addition to the few positives you listed, we did hit a bunch of free throws.
    I didn’t know Siva had ankle issues, but he sure hasn’t been playing well. Thank God for Russ Smith, that’s all I can say.

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