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Believe It ! Cards = 2012 Big East Champs

Posted by frankpos on March 10, 2012

Who would have believed 5 games ago?  Who???

Say it loud and say it proud– Louisville reigns as the Big East Champ for the second time in the last four years–and  in the last year of the toughest BBall conference ever assembled.  Louisville 50- Cincinnati 44.

The Cards did it by controlling the game –and in fact spurting to a 16 point margin with 8:31 left in the game.  And then…holding on for dear life as they endured another long offensive drought through the game end.

They did it by hitting 91% on their free throws (11-12) and out-rebounding the Bearcats.  And they did it with a lockdown D through the first half.

I’ve got only one last thing to say before signing off tonight for those many doubters during the regular season:  Fire Rick Pitino?  Really….



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