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Cards Shackle The Kangeroos 90-62

Posted by frankpos on December 5, 2013

Louisville defeated Missouri-KC by almost 30–but underachieved again against a very weak opponent.

The ‘Roos hit on almost 50% from the field in the second half, and the Cards won simply by out-scoring their opponents, not containing them.  The man-to-man D was particularly porous, with the Roos hitting on 15 of 27 attempts.

Coach Pitino was upset to the point that he refused to yell at the team at halftime, letting them sit and think about their poor play by themselves instead.

Hell in the Hall photographer Matt Wickham was there for the game.  Here’s the link to his set of photos:    http://www.flickr.com/photos/kylures/sets/72157638367180366/with/11215586605/




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