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About Us


Me? Frank Poschinger (Frankpos).  Business finance consultant and real estate investor by day,  editor of this thing by night.  Graduated from U of L twice,  last time for my MBA.   Raised on Rupp’s Runts, born again with Unseld, and baptized for life by Denny as a die hard Card fan.

My contributors at this time are two of the best photographers in any arena:  Matt Wickham  (KyLures), my brother-in-law , and who attended both Western Kentucky  and U of L– WKU on a drinking scholarship–and who blatantly roots for Western whenever the two schools play. Matt is a high level IT guy for a fortune 500 company by day.

Sam4Gtr, our other contributing photographer, is one of the photographers at the student paper at U of L and a diehard Card fan.  He also contributes his photos to his home community, the Card Chronicle–which also happens to be my home community.

If you have something to share that goes beyond a simple comment, send it to me at Frankpos@HellintheHall.com, and I’ll try to work it into a main post. Or, if you have any general suggestions or comments on the blog, please let me know.



The name of this site was inspired by the awesome White-Out fandemonium at the U of L – Georgetown game in Freedom Hall on 2/8/08, so reminiscent of the Hell raised in Freedom Hall in the championship years of the 80’s.

4 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Anonymous said


  2. David Brightwell said

    I would like to purchase a few prints from you, how can I do this?

    My email is dbrightwell@insightbb.com.

    Please let me know something.

    Thanks David

  3. Catherine Black said

    I sent you a request on your facebook site, but am requesting sign up here, too if necessary. would like to keep in touch with those fab Louisville cards. we don’t get much coverage on this side of the Ohio River. Cheering for our home boy, Kyle Kuric!!!!

    Catherine Black
    January 19, 2008

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