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Dedicated to the joyful noise of the Card faithful

Card Calendar Girls

Yes, this section is for the guys (mostly)

Don’t worry–there’s no nudity (darn it!)

Just some cute Card chicks wearing their Card stuff.

Rickdacatkilla at ITV is a revered member of that site for his contributions in this regard, and I’ve included some from him. I’ll also give credit to Card sites Cardinal Empire and Up from the Ashes–because I think they may be the originators of some of the photos sent to me that I have posted.

If anyone else would like to show their Card Calendar Girl, please send to me at Frankpos@HellintheHall.com.












2 Responses to “Card Calendar Girls”

  1. jeffrey peavler said

    yes do you all have single pictures of you all the dance team

  2. kylures said

    Jessica reminds us that there is hope for Chrysler after all, its just good marketing, and a 67 Charger and a HITH T-Shirt that would bring it back. Instead, we have the Prowler….

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